Furball Fitness Dog Camp & Daycare is a cage-free indoor dog park specializing in daily supervised “play-care”. Staff is dedicated toward maintaining a safe space for your pups to socialize, exercise, and have a ball!

One of the special things about Furball Fitness is that we’re purposeful in maintaining an intimate environment. You will develop a good rapport with all of our handlers, and your dog will have that same consistency in knowing who they’re hanging with on any given day.

Two large 2000 square foot indoor/outdoor yards provide ample space for the dogs to play, observe, rest, or whatever they so choose. And yet! There will be no more than 25 dogs per compartment at any one time. We have found that this is a really good number for this space; both in capacity but also in group composition and handler-to-dog ratio.

Please view the gallery below to see the most recent iterations of Dog Camp. We always strive to be better in everything we do, and that includes creating a wonderful environment for your dogs.

The evolution.

But as we’ve grown, that turf (which is basically just a carpet) had experienced its fair share of wear and tear. So! We pulled it up, rearranged a bit, and started fresh:

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