Furball Fitness is growing fast and in need of more dog care support, specifically for dog sitting/overnight care. We are essentially building a referral list of contacts to partner with in order to cover all inquiries.


Three to five (3-5) people who are interested in taking on overnight clients. You do not have to be a dog professional, although that would be a bonus. We’re just looking for trustworthy folks who want to care for and hang out with dogs in their spare time.

All dogs will be clients of Furball Fitness, so you do not need to do any recruiting. We have over 50 clients (and growing) who consistently need overnight care. You will have a steady stream of inquiries. Dates can vary from weekdays to weekends to holidays. You can accept or decline as you see fit. Very flexible work.

Daycare is included in this arrangement, so if you have a day job and daytime dog care is challenging, need not feel excluded. Furball Fitness will cover those pesky work hours! The benefit herein is that the dogs will be somewhere familiar during the day – expending all of their energy instead of chewing on your shoes – ultimately delivering you a tired pup for an enjoyable evening. You simply cover the nighttime hours, morning and evening walks, and feedings.


    • Your living arrangement MUST fully allow dogs. We will verify this through appropriate channels. To be clear – the dogs will stay over with you at your home.
    • Must have reliable transportation in the event of an emergency and also to pick up and drop off dogs from daycare if you choose to utilize that convenience. Again, daycare is optional. If you have spare time during the day and want to take the dog(s) in your care hiking or on a walk around the Lake, by all means! Daycare is just a backup plan offered to you if needed.
    • Must provide references. We will do a thorough vetting before trusting you with clients. Furball Fitness prides itself on administering the best care possible, and as such, you would become an extension of the company.

To apply:

Submit a cover letter to [email protected].

Explain your current living situation (dog-friendly, yard, fenced-in patio, etc.), and why you want to be a Furball Fitness dog sitter. What makes you a trustworthy candidate? What would you do with the dogs? Describe a day in the life of a dog in your care.

Include three (3) references who can attest to your being a compassionate, caring, and responsible dog lover; someone who would take great care of anyone if the occasion called for it.

Looking forward to meeting and working with you!

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