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You’re here because you want the best possible care for your dog while you’re taking care of business during the day. Learn more about Furball Fitness below. Once you see all of the awesome perks your dog gets as a member of Furball Fitness, click the button at the bottom to schedule your Meet & Greet. No obligation. Just come on down, get to know us, and check out our facility! If you already know what’s up and want to proceed, here’s the link:

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Why Furball Fitness?

…because Furball Fitness knows how important adequate exercise is in maintaining optimal physical and mental health for your dog. Plus, you probably don’t want your baby home alone all day, bored, and wreaking havoc in your home!Dog Exercise

What you (but mostly your dog) get(s):

  • Dog Camp – playtime and socialization in Furball Fitness’ 4000 sq/ft. indoor AND outdoor dog park. Fully turfed!
  • Hands-on Training – preserve consistency in your home training by utilizing pre-established commands; in addition, fine-tune manners and other skills, like off-leash recall.
  • Small Play Groups – safety and comfort in keeping a maximum capacity; no more than 25 dogs per play room. Just the right amount of dogs and the right amount of energy with plenty of room to roam. We’re not trying to build a doggie empire over here with hundreds of dogs circling through each day. Furball Fitness is deliberate in staying intimate with the goal of servicing each and every one of you to the best of our ability.   
  • Lasting Friendships – experienced staff who develop a personal relationship with you and your dog. No revolving door of daycare attendants. We’ll build trust. You’ll know your dog’s caretaker well.
  • No Crates – because we cap group sizes and have plenty of space, no crates are utilized. The puppies treat the indoor dog park as their own backyard – run around and rumble OR sprawl out and lounge. Cage free!
  • Flexible Schedules – choose any combination of days that works for your busy schedule. Morning and afternoon sessions available. Minimum 1 day per week.

How’s all that sound? Your dog is about to be living its best life!

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