Dog Walking

Selected dog walking services are included in your daily daycare amenities. 

Included and provided for EVERY daycare dog, either one of two options:

  • Adventure Hikes – OFF-leash explorations throughout the beautiful East Bay. Small groups of 4-6 dogs will head out to the Oakland Hills or the coastline near Point Isabel to run, swim, sniff, rumble, and tumble. These walks are 60-minutes long, and afterward, your dog will be deep into their nap before we even make it back to Dog Camp.


  • Semi-private, ON-leash walks (up to 4 dogs) around Lake Merritt. Every dog can stretch their legs outside and sniff around for a while.

The dogs will also be provided periodic bathroom breaks on campus throughout the day. We have a backyard, in addition to a grassy knoll right on the corner of our block for regular relief.

Additional Services:

Private Walks (+$30 added to your daily membership rate)

  • One 30-minute, private, ON-leash walk around Lake Merritt. Your dog will be one-on-one with their walker, taking a break from the puppy posse to cruise around the lake solo.


*Dog walking is only available for daycare members.*


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